NextCorr Ltd AF/ICCP-Systems

With over 46 years of experience in the field of AF anti-fouling and corrosion protection systems, as well as ICCP external current systems for the ship’s outer skin, innovation and further development is an important component of our company.
With the founding of NextCorr Ltd. in Chesterfield, we have succeeded in producing and continuously developing these products according to our company philosophy, innovative and state-of-the-art technology.

AF Marine growth prevention and hull corrosion protection systems

The AF systems work with two anodes with different positions in the electrochemical series. The application of a low current to the system prevents undesired growth of marine organisms such as mussels or barnacles on the hull and reduces corrosion in seawater filters, piping systems and box coolers.

ICCP Impressed current cathodic protection systems

Cathodic protection of theship’s hull is achieved by the installation of active anodes and reference cells and the application of an electric current. Advanced developments make anode replacement by divers possible at any time without the need for drydocking. More than 10,000 systems have been installed and commissioned over the past 23 years. Worldwide stocks of anodes ensure fast delivery times.
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